Treatment for Joint Pains

by in Health Tips June 11, 2021

Pain is a common issue for all humans right now. Many people around the world suffer from joint pains in the Knee, Elbow, Spinal, and Thumb pains. If you are doing any sort of activity throughout the day pains may be around the corner. Now pains have become a part of life for most people. Most are not caring about those and the body gets unbalance due to not treating those pains. Also, as time flies those pains turn worst, and with that, some people are getting stressed, and ignoring these pains is DANGEROUS. 

In Western treatment, doctors are recommending Surgeries. Doing Surgeries can be a success in a small percentage and it needs to bed rest for long period and Especially for the Spinal Surgeries means it’s like a fight between life and death. Due to this most, people are taking painkillers and ignoring pains, and searching for a small time of relief. But in the end, liver got damaged due to taking lack of pain killers for a long time of period. Therefore, ignoring pains is DANGEROUS and all we need to know that ignoring the Joint Pains will setup pathway for more other illness to the body and mind both. As above said such as, 

Some foreigners are while visiting Sri Lanka they found some natural magical Ayurvedic oils. One of that magical oil is called “Siddhartha Oil with Sharshapadha Oil” and is well known as Red Oil. It includes more than 30 herbal plants and including Red Sandalwood. In Sri Lanka, locally anyone can found this oil. But we need to found the correct oil with the correct ingredients that Ancient Ayurvedic books mentioned. Siddhartha Oil This oil need to use with herbal balm or some are using only oil. It depends on the users’ requests. First, we need to take a pinch of balm and Tea Spoon of oil and mixed together and rub and massage until the mixture is absorbed into the affected area. We need to continue it for a few days or weeks two times a day. It will better to take the morning before 10 am and before sleep. This oil had so many recommendations from worldwide users. The main reason to bring the information about Joint paints is most of the people are suffering from pain and we can bring this traditional Ayurvedic oil to the world to help people. 

If we can treat and help a minimum of 10 people and we can satisfy the smile of the people who walk away from those pains. 

– Getting Stressed

– Liver Damaged   

These pains can be caused by a change in the intervertebral disc in the spine or a change in the vertebrae and some nerve issues also can be cause for those pains. Most people misunderstand that these pains are muscle pains that came from the wrong day-to-day activities. 

For the pains, all we need to treat from the begging and some are searching for Western medicine and some are searching for Ayurvedic treatments. We can found most of the common reasons to attached pains to your own body. Some of the main reasons are, 

– Age 

– Climbing steps and Hiking

– Wrong day to day activities

– Arthritis

– Overweight 

– Less Vitamin D, Iron, and Calcium 

These pains start with Small pain. Giving opportunity to walk away from those future big pains and other attacks to the body and mind both. If we missed it and ignored it all we have to engage with other illness we discussed that earlier. 

Luckily in Sri Lanka, Traditional Ayurvedic doctors’ ancient books mentioned those pains and how to treat them externally without doing any surgeries. For all these treatments, it includes natural extract oils, dried herb leaves, seeds, roots, barks, and nuts altogether they are making Herbal oils to prevent those pains such as severe rheumatism, arthritis, Lumbago, knee pain, sciatica, osteoporosis, spondylosis, muscular pain, sprains and pain backbone. But unluckily few of them are doing these oil treatments to the world market. The rest of us are still doing these treatments inside of Sri Lanka. And few Sri Lankans also going to take the western treatments because they are not found the correct doctors for the exact pain what they had or they are waiting for a long time with taking painkillers and once it came to the highest position of pain they are starting to seek the Ayurvedic Doctors and with the pain, they want to take over within few days of time. But in Ayurvedic according to the pain we have to take treatments for few months and sometimes it will need to continue for years. But the result is magical. There are some “paralyzed” patients who will back to more than 75% after taking Ayurvedic treatments for few years. 

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