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Our Story

Matale is between kandy and dambulla on the A9 road short distance from matale town located aluviharaya.cave temple of the famous temple toward the A9 dambulla road on the way before Camilla 14 Km called kawudupelella. The place where Ranwali spice garden is situated by the side of the road. The place is very attracted by anybody has seen at the 1st glance in found of the garden very huge trust and small tree’s with is Eco friendly garden.the plants of nursery beds nicely arranged with the coconut husks pile up in rows indeed fascinated to see. Nursery will keep for demonstration in there such as turmeric, vanila, cardamom, ginger, nutmeg trees. There are many medicinal plants too. Etc. They are opened for visitors, observe all the nursery technique. Many tourist visit this garden dally and here the can by spice and herbal medicine. A enjoy free head massage, free spice tea with vanila, hot chocolate drink as will as on request cookery demonstration.

Our Vision

To make Specific products provide from Ranweli Spice Garden.

Our Mission

In the future we make more news valuable herbals products and condiment.

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